About Us

We are young reputed organization with absolutely dedicated team of very enthusiastic people who aim at providing variety of quality products.GREEN WINGS FARMS is a new private Limited company formed abiding the laws of india .The Registered office of the company will be in the state of kerala.GREEN WINGS FARMS development of farm & meat processing unit to provide quality farm products to the communities in kerala, Tamil nadu and other indian states.GREEN WINGS FARMS is acompany primed to take advantage of an expanding and profitable industry.Quality products are the focus of GREEN WINGS FARMS.The company’s proposed farm will be project to provide the quality products of the current market demands.The total required land is 5000 to 7000 acre.In addition to funding and capitalization efforts detailed herein, the company anticipates that it will seek funds from the investment company which may assist in the purchasing¬† of land for development of the proposed sites.Based on the current farm product prices and cost of revenue structure in the farm and meat processing industries,we belive that our anticipated GREEN WINGS FARMS will have the potential of several million indian rupees in gross sales in the first year of operations.With our strong¬† management team and our aggresive marketing plan we project aconsistent and minimum annual growth of 10%.

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